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Core forensic tasks

Investigative professionals in the private and public sectors share the same core forensic tasks. They have to capture, analyse, test and respond systematically and rapidly to fine-grain detail – disclosed in documents and in verbal exchanges.

Everyone must be accountable. Everything is increasingly subject to scrutiny. The focus is on feelings as well as facts: ethics, empathy and effectiveness. Decisions must be transparent and defensible against complaint and litigation: based on demonstrable evidence.

All this applies whether you are a practitioner, a manager or responsible for quality control – working in investigation, crime prevention, audit, risk assessment and risk management (e.g. screening applications, claims and personnel), or managing and conducting a case through the court, tribunal or complaint process.

Common forensic problems

Individuals, groups and institutions increasingly struggle to measure up to the core forensic tasks. Systems, procedures and processes are just not up to the task – or just do not exist. Essential knowledge, skills and tools are lacking.

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